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Paid Internship
in German Hotels and Restaurants

IIFH offers tourism faculty students of the partner educational institutions paid internships in Germany (if the educational institution is not our partner yet please check how to establish a partnership)

Students will be able to study and work in the following departments: kitchen, restaurant, housekeeping, spa and reception (depends on German language level).


  • Pocket money in relation to German language skills: 
    • A2 – 500€ (netto)
    • B1 – 650€ (netto)
    • B2-C1 – 800€ (netto)

  • 150 € one time – for transportation costs
    (Will be paid to you in 
    the end of the internship, after the agreement is fulfilled)

  • Placement and catering are free of charge

  • Internship period: 3 months (88 days)

  • 5 working days per week, 8 hours a day (hourly wage)


  • Student status (from 5th semester) 

  • Faculty: Tourism (or related vocational education)

  • German language level: A2+ 

  • English language level: B1+

  • Age: 18 - 35

  • Motivation!


How to apply?

Please provide following documentation and information at:
(Documents must be filled in German)

  1. CV (we recommend:

  2. Photo (3X4 cm)

  3. Copy of Passport

  4. Intended period of internship

  5. Travel insurance 

  6. Application Form

  7. Proof of Student Status (signed by the educational institution)

  8. Proof of German Language Proficiency (signed by the educational institution) 

  9. Work Permit Form (filled by the student, employer and Federal Employment Agency of       Germany)


3 months before the intended period of internship.

Application is FREE for students of our partner universities!

(Erasmus students can also apply)

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