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How to Establish a Partnership

(For Educational Institutions)


If you are an educational institution that has a tourism faculty and would like to establish a partnership with us the following steps are needed:

  1. The educational institution must provide the curriculum of its tourism faculty translated in German language

  2. We will send this document to German Federal Employment Agency (ZAV) for approval

  3. Once the curriculum is approved a memorandum between IIFH and the educational institution will be made

  4. The educational institution must give IIFH the letter of authorization for searching and obtaining vacant places for its students

  5. The educational institution then appoints one responsible person who will provide us the information about the students willing to do the internship and who will be the mediator between the students and IIFH

  6. The responsible person collects all the required documentation from students and provides them to us (you can check the required documentation here)

  7. IIFH will mediate between the students, the employer and German Federal Employment Agency (ZAV), and assist them to sign the agreement

  8. IIFH will send required documentation to ZAV

  9. Only after ZAV approves provided documentation students are allowed to buy the flight tickets to Germany (we will provide all the necessary information regarding how to get to the internship place)

Our recommendations:

  • Our partner educational institutions usually organize 3 months German language study course for students who doesn't have required German language level

  • You can assist IIFH to visit and make presentations for your students and staff 

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