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About IIFH

Internationales Institut für Hospitality (IIFH) is a non-profit student company that was founded by Prof. Dr. Gerald Wetzel at the former Baltic College Schwerin, Germany. The institute has partnerships with educational institutions in various countries. So far, IIFH has concluded cooperation agreements with approx. 15 educational institutions in various countries. As part of this cooperation, the institute offers students three-month internships and summer jobs in the hospitality industry. In addition, the Institute offers a Vocational Education Program with a training contract. Since 2013, the institute has sent around 2500 students to Germany. The Institute doesn't raise any application fees.

At present IIFH collaborates with the following countries: 

  • Georgia

  • Ukraine

  • Romania

  • Macedonia

  • Vietnam

  • Estonia

  • Lithuania

  • Latvia

  • Tunisia

  • Kazakhstan

Our Mission

To give students of the tourism faculty an opportunity to do study-related internships in Germany and to find interested peers willing to get vocational education in Germany; To give universities and colleges a possibility to offer international internships to their students and to supply hotels and restaurants with working staff; Consequently, to enable the transfer of the skills and knowledge and to promote the development of hospitality industry; To encourage and contribute to the cultural awareness and understanding among different nations and cultures.

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