Vocational Education Program

IIFH offers Vocational Education Program to students in German hotels and restaurants. Students will have to study and work in the following departments: kitchen, restaurant, housekeeping, spa and reception. 


  • Gross salary from 950 EUR per month (net salary 853 EUR)

  • Placement and catering costs will be deducted from net salary

  • Study and work period: 2-3 years (depends on the vocation)

  • 70% work, 30% study (hotel managers will decide the exact schedule)

  • Tuition is free.


  • German language level: B1

  • English language level: B1

  • Age: 18 - 35

  • Motivation!

How to apply?

Please send following documentation and information on our email info@iifh.eu

  1. CV (we recommend this website: www.cvmkr.com

  2. Professional photo

  3. Copy of Passport

  4. Proof of German Language Proficiency (signed by the educational institution)

  5. Insurance (you will get the insurance in Germany; Half of the amount will be paid by the employer)

  6. German Visa (Please visit German embassy website of your country to check the procedure, or contact us)

Application is FREE!

The IIFH service fee deposit is 100€:

In case of successful cooperation between the student and the institute, the amount will be refunded to the student.

If the cooperation between the student and the institution is terminated due to the student's reason, the amount will not be returned to the student.