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Signing Cooperation Agreement between IIFH and MEGU

IIFH signed cooperation agreement with Stepan Demianchuk International University of Economics and Humanities (MEGU). During the meeting the prospects of educational and scientific cooperation, the possibilities of academic mobility and the passage of foreign practice by the students of MEGU were discussed.

During the meeting the implementation of the double diploma program (Legal Degree), exchange of experience in the use of distance education tools, professional orientation of education in German universities were also discussed. 

In Germany they visited a number of hotels as possible practice locations for students. There was also a meeting with the management of the Rugen Island Hotel Association and discussed the possibility of further cooperation between the university and the hotels.

Agreements have been reached on the possibility of passing overseas industrial practice for students studying under the educational programs "Marketing in the restaurant, hotel and tourism business" and "International tourism" and summer internships for students of all other faculties.


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